I started participating in the West Virginia Very Important Parks Person program in October, 2015. The goal of this program was to visit twenty WV State Parks and get my participation card stamped and dated. I accomplished this goal and sent in my completed participation card in June, 2021. I finally received a completion certificate, a patch, a $25 gift card as well as a new VIPP participation card in July, 2021. You can see the rewards as well as read the trip logs of my journeys to these parks below:

WVVIPP Completion Certificate
  WVVIPP Completion Certificate.
          WVVIPP Patch
WVVIPP Gift Card
   WVVIPP Gift Card
WVVIPP Certification Card
   WVVIPP Certification Card

   New WVVIPP Card

I waited a year and a half but I intend to start visiting West Virginia State Parks in late 2022 again since I am now a Star WV VIPP. Links to those adventures will be posted below:

Below are the original trips that I made to West Virginia State Parks between 2015 and 2021 to attain WV VIPP Status:

WV VIPP Cacapon, Berkeley Springs State Parks, WV

WV VIPP Lost River State Park, WV

WV VIPP Camp Creek, Pipestem and other State Parks, WV

WV VIPP Babcock State Park, WV and Others

WV VIPP Cathedral, Tygart Lake and Other State Parks, WV

WV VIPP North Bend State Park, WV

WV VIPP Canaan Valley, Blackwater Falls
& Cass Scenic RxR State Parks, WV

WV VIPP Watoga State Park,
Twin Falls Resort & Greenbrier State Forest, WV

Click / Tap Here to learn more about the West Virginia
State Parks Very Important Parks Person Program.

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