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Hastings->Winters Branch->Wellington,
VA Day Hike

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This was a 3.8 mile loop or circuit hike that occured on Saturday, November 7, 2020 in Manassas, VA. Participants were 'The Usual Crew: Tom O'Brien, Mary Gordon, Jessica Lowry and me.

This was an unusual hike in that some of it was along the streets of Manassas, VA and some of it was along a stream bed trail. The weather was unusual for November in that it was in the 40's when we started this hike but ended up in the 60's towards the end. The only thing that was 'usual' about this hike was that the participants were 'The Usual Crew'.

Tom, Mary and I met at

Prince of Peace UMC

in the rear parking lot and departed for this hike at 8:00 AM. It only took us 11 minutes to get to the parking lot of the

Giant Food Store

at the intersection of Grant ST/Wellington RD/Dumfries RD in Manassas, VA. Jessica said that she was going to walk from her house to meet us. Since we got to the center about 15 minutes early we waited until she showed up around 8:25 AM.

Then we started this clockwise 3.8 mile loop hike. We walked through the Giant parking lot, then through a nice townhouse development, then got on Hastings DR. There were a lot of people out walking that morning, which was a good thing. I wanted to get this 1.8 mile stretch over as quickly as possible so I led the hike at a fast pace (for me, anyway). We crossed numerous side streets and saw Hastings DR become Godwin DR (I always thought that the streets in this area had unconventional naming schemes). Shortly afterwards we saw what looked like a driveway and a sign for the Winters Branch Trail.

They had moved the southern trailhead since I last hiked this trail. It was very peaceful hiking along this mostly level, asphalt path. Again we saw a number of people out walking as well. There were a few side trails that went to adjacent neighborhoods or ball fields. They should have been better signed but we guessed correctly most of the time. We went around a pond, then had to ask a fellow hiker for the correct path at a trail intersection at one point. We traversed these scenic woods for about .9 miles and then came to Wellington RD.

We had to remove some layers at this point as the temperatures were climbing. The 1.1 mile walk along Wellington RD was very nice and scenic. It reminded me of the paths along roads in Reston, VA. When we got back to the shopping center I asked what time it was. Jessica said that it was 9:40. That means that we hiked 3.8 miles in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Rounding the miles up and the time down puts us close to 4 miles an hour. Not bad.

So I think that this was a good hike. It was close to home, no one went home with muddy shoes and we had a bunch of time to do other stuff on this Saturday. That's another hike in the books for the

POPUMC Hiking Group.

Mike C

Manassas School Founder Jennie Dean Celebrated With New Statue

Group pic @ beginning
  Group pic @ beginning.
   By Mike Calabrese

Walking along Hastings DR
  Walking along Hastings DR.
   By Mike Calabrese

Pond on Winters Branch   Pond on Winters Branch.
  By Mike Calabrese

Dean Park sign
  Dean Park sign.
  By Mike Calabrese

End of the hike
  End of the hike.
  Mike Calabrese

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