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Day Hike of Huntley Meadows Park Boardwalk, Alexandria, VA

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This 2.3 mile loop hike happened on Saturday, December 4, 2022. It was just me on this one.

This was the last hike that I was going to lead for the POPUMC Hiking Group. My reasons for wanting to resign from this position were many. My lower back pain was making it not fun to hike. There was diminished attendance for the First Saturday hikes that I was leading. Those doing the weekday hikes that I was leading wanted to just hike locally. I suffer from Seasonal

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I did the recon for this hike back in January, 2021.

Adjustment Disorder. In other words, when the days get shorter, I become very down. And finally, I wanted to do some exploring farther away from home.

Rain was predicted for today. Some people cancelled. Some said that they would come if the rain stopped. It didn't. So nobody showed up. I thought about cancelling this hike. Then I thought that I would do it no matter what the weather was. So I did.

Thanks to some shortcuts as well as light traffic on a rainy Saturday morning I made it to Huntley Meadows Park from Manassas, VA in about forty minutes. There was one vehicle in the parking lot when I arrived. A group of four were leaving as I was getting out of my vehicle. Again, I would have the entire trail to myself.

The rain would let up at times, then get heavy sometimes and then the wind would blow sometimes. I found a free poncho that we got at a wine festival that had the no longer in business cellular company Sprint's logo all over it. This free poncho served me well on this hike. It got a bit blustery while on the boardwalk and out in the open. But the poncho kept me dry.

This was basiclly a large loop. You had the approach trail, a boardwalk section, a bit of conventional trail that went by an observation platform, more boardwalk and then a trail that would take me back to the visitors center and the parking lot. I started this loop around 9:45 and was back in my vehicle heading home around 10:30. It was a nice solo hike that gave me time to reflect on things in general. I enjoyed it very much.

There are portapotties at this park. There is also a visitors center.

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However, I have yet to find this visitors center open the last two or three times that I have been here. The trail is well marked and there are park maps posted at many points along this trail. Dogs are not allowed on the boardwalk but are on the trails. This was an easy hike that is suitable for kids as well as those in a wheel chair. I don't believe that bikes are allowed here. I liked hiking this trail and I think that most people would as well.

Mike C

Empty, rainy parking lot
   Empty, rainy parking lot.
   By Mike Calabrese
Rainy, empty approach trail
   Rainy, empty approach trail.
   By Mike Calabrese
Wetlands    Wetlands.
   By Mike Calabrese
On the wet, empty boardwalk    On the wet, empty boardwalk.
   By Mike Calabrese

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2nd Boardwalk
   2nd Boardwalk.
   By Mike Calabrese

Tributary, Barnyard Run
   Tributary, Barnyard Run.
   By Mike Calabrese

Map of where I hiked.

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