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George Hellwig Memorial Park, VA Day Hike

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The George Hellwig Memorial Park loop hike took place on Friday, January 1, 2021. This was an easy 1 mile loop hike. The problem was that the weather was looking dicey and, therefore, no one showed up. So it was just me :\

On the morning of this hike I received numerous emails from people canceling on doing this hike. I didn't blame them as the weather was not looking good. But after postponing our December hike because of weather that didn't happen, I was determined to hike this trail today!

A few strange things happened before this hike. Back on the morning of our October, 2020 hike my TPMS monitor said that my air pressure was low within one of my tires. So I filled them up as soon as I could. What was weird was that this same scenario happened before our November, December and January hikes! I must have a slow leak in my rear drivers side tire. I'll have to get that tire fixed soon.

The other strange thing that happened was the weather. I was hearing rain, rain, rain all morning. When I went to wait for anyone that wanted to join me at Prince of Peace UMC it did start to sprinkle a bit. But when I got to Hellwig Park, the rain stopped.

No one was there to join me at the park so I did this hike solo. It was chilly and damp. And I was dressed for the weather. But there was no rain while I hiked. Was this a miracle? I think so.

I didn't see a single other person on this trail while I was hiking. I only saw one other vehicle driving around the park while I was there. The trail was in good shape. Prince William County had installed some kiosks along this trail. There was a sign at the entrance to this trail. The "Fit Trail" excecise stations had recently been painted and refurbished. Everything looked good... except... There were no blazes on this trail. If it were blazed this park and this trail would have been perfect. But PWC let me down again.

One may ask "Why do you need blazes if this is a loop and the trail is well defined? The reasons are that there are local, community or defacto side trails in this park. I have personally hiked them and have gotten lost. If the trail were blazed and there was signing that these side trails were not official trails, that would have been great. But no, PWC fell short... again.

In closing this was a good hike. I left POPUMC at 1:00 PM, got to Hellwig Park at 1:16 PM, started immediately and was done by 1:42. And I was back home by 2:00 PM. I took my time and did this 1 mile loop hike in 26 minutes. This was a great way to start off 2021. And I had to put air in my tires when I got home.

Mike C

Entrance sign, Hellwig Park, VA
   Entrance sign, Hellwig Park, VA.
   By Mike Calabrese
Trailhead sign, Hellwig Park, VA
  Trailhead sign, Hellwig Park, VA.
   By Mike Calabrese
   By Mike Calabrese
Thank you, Pack 1355
  Thank you, Pack 1355.
   By Mike Calabrese
The trail
  The trail.
   By Mike Calabrese

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