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Giles Run / Lorton Valley Day Hike,
Lorton, VA

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This roughly 3.5 mile loop hike took place on Saturday, March 5, 2022. Participants were Joe Stanavage, Tom Corcoran, Tom O'Brien and Mike Calabrese.

As usual we met at the rear parking lot of Prince of Peace UMC. At first it was just Tom O and myself. Then our newest hiker Joe S showed up. So we carpooled over to the Giant Shopping Center on VA123 in Lorton, VA. We parked in the front parking lot, then walked around the left side of the center towards the rear of it. There we found Tom C waiting in his vehicle. So then there were four of us.

We hiked along a gas line ROW directly behind the Giant loading dock for about 1,000 feet, then turned left onto what looked like a water or sewer ROW.

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Read about when I first reconned this trail back in September, 2021.

We hiked it for about a quarter mile, then turned left onto the Giles Run Trail. We noted that there was a white painted sewer cap at this intersection so that we would know where to turn on the way back.

So we proceeded on a northwest direction along the Giles Run Trail for the next mile or so. We crossed a bridge, passed some side trails to area streets and saw some houses at a distance. The trail was mostly flat but tended to be rolling.

Next we got to the southern end of an un-named lake along this trail. I could not find the name of this lake. However, there was a street nearby called Mist Lake DR. So I am going to call this body of water Mist Lake. It was a good sized lake with an island in the middle of it. We hiked around the right side of this lake, continued beyond it and then got to Crosspointe DR.

Here is where our "opportunities" began. Google maps said that the trail continued past Crosspointe DR. But Tom O and Tom C said that there was no trail past this point. I was not feeling well and I didn't want to walk up and down this road trying to find the trail. So we turned right on Crosspointe, followed it out to Silverbrook RD, turned right on it and continued the hike.

I admit that I didn't recon this area as well as I should have. I had concentrated on trying to find a way around Mist Lake to form a lollipop loop there. I failed because a landowner had blocked the trail at around the 8:00 position on the lake. So I take responsibility for this hike being cut short. But I do plan to return to this area within a week and verify that there is or isn't a trail past Crosspointe as well as scout some additional trails in this area for future hikes. I'll post my results as an addendum to this trip log.

OK, back to this hike. We proceeded on a southeast direction along Silverbrook RD for about a quarter mile. Then we turned right onto Lee Alan DR. They had recently paved this road, which looked like a long driveway that three or four houses with a lot of land shared. We walked this road and saw a vehicle in an adjacent church parking lot that looked like it had been vandalized. We also saw a police vehicle close by it. I hope that they catch the perps.

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We had passed a number of other hikers, dog walkers and runners along this trail.

For the final segment we turned left, followed the Giles Run Trail back to the white sewer cap, turned right, hiked the quarter mile to the gas line ROW, then back to our vehicles. This one felt like it was 3 to 3.5 miles long with the detour at Crosspoint DR. We had some issues today but we got outside, burned up come calories and had some good conversations. Tom C gave us a copy of one if his books to read. It is called Sacred Residue and is available on . Thanks to Joe S. for hiking with us for the first time. We hope to see him again on a future hike.

Mike C

P.S.- Since I wasn't feeling well that day I did self administer a COVID-19 test to myself that afternoon. It came back negative. That's good.

Group selfie at start
   Group selfie at start.
   By Mike Calabrese

The following images were taken during my post hike recon on 03/10/2022.

The trail did continue    The trail did continue.
   By Mike Calabrese

Sign for Giles Pond    Sign for Giles Pond.
   By Mike Calabrese

Giles Pond    Giles Pond.
   By Mike Calabrese

The T intersection    The T intersection.
   By Mike Calabrese

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