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AT / C&O Canal between Harpers Ferry, WV and Weverton RD, MD

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On Monday, March 29, 2021 my cousin Ron Calabrese and I attempted to hike from Harpers Ferry, WV to Weverton Cliffs, MD, a distance of about 4.3 miles each way or 8.6 miles total. We almost made it.

Traffic was bad between Manassas, VA and Harpers Ferry, WV. And there was a 5
mile detour around Wellsboro, VA that added to my being late. So I met Ron around 8:42. We then went and took the shuttle bus from the visitors center to downtown Harpers Ferry. We then started the hike around 9:30 AM.

We were on the AT. The weather was cool, in the 40's, but would get up to the high 50's by the end of the hike. We did about a quarter mile to the C&O Canal, then about 3 miles along the Canal itself. It was a pleasant walk. We caught up on what we were up to since our last hike in December,2020.

When we got to around mile 58.5 we turned left off of the canal, crossed the railroad tracks, crossed and then hiked parallel to Keep Tryst RD along the AT. We passed the Weverton RD parking lot and then got to Weverton RD. We were less than a mile from Weverton Cliffs.

We were both tired after hiking 3.5 miles. My back was bothering me due to an injury that I sustained while hiking in January, 2021. And Ron was not looking
forward to the steep trail on the other side of Weverton RD. We then both decided to turn around and head back to Harpers Ferry.

So we agreed to park at the Weverton RD parking lot some day and hike up to Weverton Cliffs. We ended up hiking about 7.5 miles. That's nothing to sneeze at. Even though we didn't make it to Weverton Cliffs, we had a great day hiking.

Mike C

US340 Bridge, Potomac River, MD
   US340 Bridge, Potomac River, MD.
   By Mike Calabrese
Israel Creek tributary, MD
   Israel Creek tributary, MD.
   By Mike Calabrese
Group selfie
   Group selfie.
   By Mike Calabrese
Towpath near MP 59
   Towpath near MP 59.
   By Mike Calabrese

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