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Claude Moore Park, VA Day Hike

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This 3.5 mile loop hike occurred on Saturday, September 5, 2020. Participants were Tom O'Brien, Jessica Lowry, Mary Gordon, Larilynn Andre and Mike Calabrese.

This was the 33rd hike for the

POPUMC Hiking Group .

I arrived at the

Prince of Peace UMC

around 7:30 AM. Tom, Jessica and Mary arrived between 7:45 and 8:00. We then took off for Claude Moore Park in Sterling, VA.
The temperatures were in the high 50's when I left home, would be in the 60's during our hike and in the 70's by the time that we finished. The humidity was low for a change. Perfect hiking weather!

We arrived at the park around 8:45. I tried to use the rest room in the recreation center but was told that I couldn't because they only allowed a certain number of people into the building due to COVID 19. So I had to walk to the other side of the park and use a portipotty. I should have just gone in the woods.

Our newest hiker Larilyn arrived shortly after 8:00 AM and we then began the hike. We had some difficulties finding the trail for the first quarter mile as the map was not clear. But we got back on track. This trail was blazed blue. There were also signs and blue colored arrows on posts. The blazes were faded but we were able to find our way around the park. The trail that we took was rated at 3.3 miles. But we took the white blazed trail at the northern edge of the park to see a view that was indicated on the map. However, we were dissappointed as the view was obscured and all we could see was some of Potomac View RD. This detour added about .2 miles to the hike. Elevation changes were minimal. There was some mud on the trail but the majority of it was dry. Larilyn saw a deer but no other wildlife was observed.

We talked about this and that while hiking. It was a relaxed pace and the scenery was very nice. We only saw two other families on the trail, one had five members and one had only two members. We started at around 8:15 and were back at our vehicles at around 10:45. That's about 2.5 miles an hour. Not bad.

So this was a very good hike and I would reccommend it for all age groups. Again, this was a perfect day for a hike. Thanks to my fellow hikers for making it a perfect hike.

Mike C

More Images

Group pic @ beginning
  Group pic @ beginning.
   By Mike Calabrese

On the trail
  On the trail.
   By Mike Calabrese

The view that wasn't   The view that wasn't.
  By Mike Calabrese

Plaques on Vestals Gap RD
  Plaques on Vestals Gap RD.
  By Jessica Lowry

Trail sign   Trail sign.
  By Mike Calabrese

Corderoy Trail
  Corderoy Trail.
  By Jessica Lowry

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