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Drive By Recon of Potomac Heritage Trail South of Powells Creek, VA


On Wednesday, June 15, I explored the area that the Potomac Heritage Trail is supposed to go through in the future south of Powells Creek in Prince William County, VA.

No one wanted to hike with me today for various reasons. It was very hot out. So I decided to drive over to the Potomac Shores development in Woodbridge, VA just south of Powells Creek. The goal was to try and hike in as close as I could to Powells Creek to see what was back there trailwise.

The Potomac Heritage Trail

is supposed to go through this area and I wanted to find out where. So I drove up US1 to River Heritage BLVD, turned right, drove about a mile to Potomac Shores PKWY, turned left and drove to the Potomac Shores Welcome Center. When I got there it wasn't really a welcome center but a sales office. I thought no one would talk to me if I wasn't "ready to buy". So I proceeded to drive acoss the street to Dunnington PL, turned left and proceeded around a townhouse cluster. There was lots of home construction going on. When I saw what I thought would be trails going to Powells Creek these trails turned out to be golf cart roads for the golf course that surrounds the development.

I could see by the lay of the land that there was a nice forested area between the development and Powells Creek. But there was no way to get to it. So I just drove home.

A few quick tidbits about Potomac Shores development. It is BIG. According to Google Maps it stretches between US1, the Potomac River, Powells Creek and Quanico Creek. And according to

This Website

this development is about 2,000 acres, 850 acres of open space and will have about 10 miles of trails and close to 4,000 homes.

It is a very nice looking development. The only negative thing that I read about the company developing this area is that they kicked out Tims Rivershore Restaurant from it's Potomac River location. This restaurant had been there for for 28 years according to an article in

I believe that the path of the PHT in this area is still fluid. Below are two images. One shows the PHT crossing Powells Creek, then following it and crossing US1 into the Montclair development. From there it will be on sidewalks and roads until it crosses VA234 and enters Prince William Forest Park. The other image infers that the PHT will follow trails within the Potomac Shores development. I saw another image that shows the PHT splitting up before it enters PWFP with one leg going through the town of Dumfries and the other going through PWFP. I can't locate this image at this time.

Therefore, it looks like the two areas where the PHT still needs to be completed in Prince William County, VA are Powells Creek and the

Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge. I sincerely hope that I get to hike all of it some day.

PHT logo
 PHT logo.
PWCPRT Map of Powells Creek
 PWCPRT Map of Powells Creek.
Another PWCPRT Map, Powells Creek
 Another PWCPRT Map, Powells Creek.

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