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OK, I wrote the original version of this app in 2007 and included it in the first iteration of this website in 2017. One thing that I discovered right away was that things beyond my control would break on the app. Things like updates in PHP, bugs in older versions of MySQL and finally, strange behavior affecting SSL on this site. It seemed like certain combinations of iframes and ad banners with non SSL URL's (http versus https) would cause some pages to not be secure.

So after much research, experimentation and testing, I have decided to make the Mikeblogs area a static app (pure HTML) as opposed to a dynamic app (utilizing PHP, IFRAMES, MySQL and other dynamic principles. It will be a lot simpler to maintain now and everything will work. I will keep the old version of the app up for a period of time

Please enjoy the app. Any questions, comments, feedback or bugs, please use the

Contact Form.

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