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Connector Trail between Lake Ridge Park
and PWC Governmant Center, VA Recon

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I heard about this trail over a year ago but could find no documentation or maps. On Google Maps there was a Knightsbridge Trail shown. But it did not go between Lake Ridge Park and the Prince William County, VA Government Center.

So after about 3 months worth of research, recons and asking others I can now say that there is a connector trail between Lake Ridge Park and the PWC Government Center. This trail is about 3.75 miles long. I'll classify it as moderate because there are some blips as well as some wet stream crossings. Though I did see a few white spray paint blobs along one section of this trail, as usual, there is no blazing, no signage, no maps and no information regarding this trail. I was told by one person that this trail may become a western extension of the Occoquan Greenway some day.

There is parking on each end of this trail at Lake Ridge Park as well as the PWC Government Center. There are also restrooms at each end. This trail mostly traverses stream bed valleys that happen to lie between the various housing developments that make up this area. You are on some sort of trail for at least ninety-five percent of your trek. The last five percent are along sidewalks. You can either stage a vehicle at each end and do the 3.75 miles. Or you can park at one end and do 3.75 miles up, then 3.75 miles back. For reference, the streets that you walk along during that last five percent are Wisley Turn, then turn left onto Stone Lined Circle, then left on Olin Prospect WA and right on Daisy Reid AVE. When you get to Greatbridge RD, cross that street and Daisy Reid becomes Richter WA. Take this for about a block and you arrive at the PWC Govt CTR.

It's amazing how many hiking opportunities that there are that the majority of people do not know about. I have achieved my goal of finding this trail. And the POPUMC Hiking Group now has another place to hike in the future.

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