What's this site all about? It's basically an experiment. I've been playing with this web stuff since 1994. And since I'm retired now I need to do
something to keep my brain working. And this is the result. I will be adding things, changing things and taking some things away. Therefore, you will have to check back often.

This site contains trip logs of the many places that I have hiked, backpacked and camped (both RV and tent) over the last twenty-five plus years. There are over 200

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I started leading day hikes in the late 1980's but this is the first one that I created a trip log for.

trip logs and/or over 1,000 images here. And I am adding new stuff constantly. It also includes some web based software applications that I have written. There are articles with backpacking/hiking/outdoor related information and advice that I have written over the years. There is a blog as well as some adventure trip logs. There are numerous product evaluations that I have done via video as well as my blog. And I just added areas for my fishing and bicycling adventures. There is also a gear picks and a coupon area on the site. And mikecalabrese.xyz now contains links and ad banners for over 200 advertisers. The majority of these advertisers are outdoor related manufacturers, retailers and service providers. So check out our

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for your outdoor gear and services needs. And please patronize our

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Plans may change as everything else in life does. But I'm flexible. If you have any comments or suggestions for this site, please use the Contact form below and let me know. Thanks.

Mike C

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